5 events to fill your nightclub void.

We're all missing nightclubs. I know. Miss whining up your waist? Ordering shots for your table knowing no one wants them? Singing songs even though you don't have a clue what the lyrics are? Want to finally show everyone you know the WAP Tik Tok dance?

Then this is the article for you. I've found five events to fill your emotional self with during this socially distanced, isolated, lockdown, quarantine - whatever the hell - period we're in!

  1. The Last Supper Club

So my friend found this for my birthday and when I tell you. They did not disappoint! They're Central based (London), with their venue varying from Proud Embankment or Shaka Zulu Camden. It's pure nightclub vibes, just with a lil bit of social distancing, a lil bit of dinner, a lil bit of music and a lil bit of dancing. Yep, that's right. Start oiling up those hips, and get practicing your whine.

The tickets are reasonably priced, but the longer you wait the more they go up. You get a

booth, where you can comfortably dance (& socially distance) and you get to feel like a bouji bitch the whole night. The food is beautiful - despite my veggie-self getting served lamb samosas instead of vegetarian ones. BUT we move. The cocktails are normal London prices at £12 and shots are about £7. But let's not forget the happiness this is going to bring you when you can wack on your outfit you've been saving since your ASOS splurge at the start of lockdown.

2. The Reggae Brunch

Now all I'm going to say is. This looks lit. I haven't been myself but the vibes this event is producing through the screen are PURE. From the website, it seems like you get a free drink & free meal with ya ticket - and some of their events include bingo. But from people's Instagram posts about this event it looks like one not to be missed.

Whether you want to be dancing on tables, singing your favourite songs, or being entertained so you don't have to. This is the event of the Summer, or should I say end of Summer. Where they have their final 'Reggae Rooftop' event on the 20th Sept, where you can rep your flag! I can't say I'll be buying a Union Jack for the occasion, but go rep your flag and 'celebrate all island and worldwide' with this not to be missed summer closing party! Just think Carnival, but in September and with tables and chairs to rest your legs when you need a breather from the dancing.

3. Neverland

This event is stressing me out. I found this via an influencer mid-summer, and it has literally been sold out every time I've tried to book. But my luck is poor, so I'll give you my four-leaf clover.

Booked Ibiza but cancelled? Wanted a Staycation but don't know where to begin? Neverland is THE destination for your 'beach' vibes in London. Yeah you heard it right. We don't mean the Brent Cross beach with the crumbly, sweaty sand, which screaming kids running around by all the rides. We mean a purposely built beach in the middle of London for you and all your friends to go and get absolutely smashed in. Whether you want the beach hut vibes, beach daybed, or maybe a cabin, your own exclusive bubble or maybe just want to chill on the pergola sofa - they have options galore for you to choose from. Their prices vary from £5 up, but for London - these prices are not complain-able.

4. Sip n' Stroke

There's a few events like this at the moment, but have you heard of one where you get free cocktails all night with your entry ticket on their 'Cocktail Night'. No? I didn't think so.

Whilst you're thinking, "but I asked for a nightclub, not an art class" - first of all get your closed-mind out of the gutter. Secondly, how the hell could you not want to go to an event, with snacks, with cocktails, with your mates, and then create an absolute mess of a painting for the fun of it. They've now i

ntroduced a party after the party of painting, on top of the fact they have numerous different types of painting sessions to choose from. For a small price from £21, what is there to decide on - get your tickets now. They're based in London and Birmingham - so whether your North or South, you can make a special trip to this event. Not to mention, they're sold out until 4th October - this is highly sort after. You're getting the social factor, with the whine factor - and you can choose which type of wine you're going for.

5. 90s Baby Show

Lastly, but by definitely not by any means least, we have the 90s Baby Show. If all the above aren't your thing, and podcasts are. Then this event is not only for you, but mega unique. They currently have this live recording of the 90s Baby Show, hosted by Fred Santana & Temi Alchemy, which will include topics like: Adulthood, Africa, Relationships & Sex, and many more but most importantly - 90s Nostalgia. If you've never heard their podcast then nows the time for you to download a few episodes on Spotify and BINGE. Because these boys are good.

Not only them, but the event will provide you with good vibes, games, food, drink and of course, laughter.

If you're looking for an event unlike all the others, and something everyone's going to be popping up to your IG story to. This is it. Plus the tickets only start from £38, you're guaranteed a good day. From 11am to 5pm, that's 6 hours of pure positive vibes.

Now if you've come this far. And still haven't booked one of these INCREDIBLE events then, please go off this screen and click on one of them because if you come out of this quarantine WISHING you went to a 'Covid-friendly' (what even is that term) event, and I've handed them on a platter - you only have yourself to blame.

Let us know which events you've been to during lockdown, or if you go to any of the ones tagged!

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