a platform for you -

by you.

a platform for you -

by you.

An auditory experience curated by cokeoffacroc 

every contributor will get their beautiful face added to the front page!

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Confused as hell why you're here?

Well let us start with - cheers for joining us.

Click below to find out exactly what the by. platform is about!

Blog It Away

Ever wanted to write something but not want to make a blog, or write about working out ya muscles, art, tinder, grindr, uni struggles - we could be here all day couldn't we? 


 well if that sounds like you then here's the place for ya.

Send your submissions to: contact.byplatform@gmail.com


lol. get it - like blog but the 'by.' log. 

yeah we know - jokes aren't funny if they have to be explained.

by. podcast

Blogs not your thing? Lucky for you we have the by. podcast.


No previous chatting-shit experience necessary.

If you want to feature on an episode, follow our socials for that weeks topic for the chance to feature.